If you’re a fan of Jeffree Star, or have ever bought one one of his lipsticks, you’ll recognize these lips immediately. You’ve seen them time and time again on Jeffree Star Cosmetics and across Star’s social media.
But… who do they belong to?
Those lips belong to Jazmina Daniel, who has been working as a makeup artist for 11 years.

She models all of Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks and Lip Ammunitions.

Star discovered Daniel’s stunning look and hired her to work with his brand when it launched back in 2014.

So her lips alone have been the Jeffree Star Cosmetics poster child since day one.

Daniel is also known for her insanely intricate lip art, a lot of which has gone viral.

Check out this gloriously gilded creation.

And this candle that’s so realistic, it looks hot to the touch.

Daniel used lip art as a source of relief when she was fighting a brain tumor at 14, so she’s had years of practice.

It’s no wonder she’s become one of Instagram’s most talented lip artists.These still aren’t the only places you’ve seen her, though.

She ALSO models lipsticks for Coloured Raine Cosmetics.
And she works with other brands such as Gerard Cosmetics and Ofra Cosmetics.

You might’ve even seen her modeling on Fashion Nova Curve’s accounts.She offers a discount code, by the way.

Lip art queen, model, and multi-brand ambassador? That’s a damn impressive resume.
So if you’ve ever wondered who those mystery lips belonged to, now you know — she’s a Badass Bitch.

Can you really say you’re surprised?
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