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16 Watercolor Effect Tattoos That Are Achingly Beautiful


A lot of people consider getting a tattoo at some point in their life. It’s just cool to have an ink drawing of something that’s close to you or that you like drawn somewhere on your body, permanently. So much to choose from: line, minimalist, elaborate, watercolor…

Of course, when you do eventually decide to get a tattoo, there’s always that one hardest part; picking a design.

Well, if plants and botanical designs are more your thing, allow us to give you some inspiration with these watercolor tattoos, mostly based around flora and fauna, that are really, seriously cool.

1. First up, this really cool purple, pink and blue unicorn tattoo

16 Watercolor Tattoos Seriously Cool

2. This gorgeous, soft, delicate rose that has achieved a really cool effect thanks to the different shades of pink

16 Watercolor Tattoos Seriously Cool 2

3. This geometric combo, that includes a fox on the right arm, and a swallow and rose on the other arm. It’s a cool combination, and the art style is well done too

16 Watercolor Tattoos Seriously Cool 3

4. Another rose, but here, the stem is placed on the length of the spine. Such a cool idea


5. A great placement idea and a fascinating design too


6. Thanks to the drops, rose and watercolor effect, this skull tattoo was made less harsh and more… artsy


7. This piece is stunning, and when you remember that it has been done by freehand, it’s even more incredible.


8. You may have noticed a floral pattern (literally) emerging with these watercolor tattoos, but to switch it up a bit, here’s a poppy


9. This is definitely one of the most eye-catching tattoos of the list. I love how the hints of black add contrast to the otherwise bright design.


10. Is there a better way to pay tribute to your favorite artist than to tattoo a portrait of them? I don’t think so


11. This is an example where I’ll just let the picture speak for itself. All I’m gonna say is, it’s incredible


12. I adore how these soft, pastel-colored flowers were continued to both arms. They definitely steal the show from the thin line wrist tattoo!


13. Now for something a little bit different, here’s a dark and fierce wolf design


14. A whimsical watercolor effect lotus


15. I’m totally in love with this watercolor baby whale tattoo. The deep blues and flowing design are eerily beautiful.


16. Such a cool ballerina design, and the tiny hearts placed throughout are so subtle but so cool




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