Isn’t it wonderful when people turn ordinary things into art? Sometimes, scars are turned into tattoos, and this woman is turning stretch marks into glitter art. Instagram collage artist, Sara Shakeel has become known for her spectacular images, where she often superimposes different photos together to create beautiful alternate realities. This time she basically asked women to embrace their stretch marks by making them look shiny and turning them into a piece of art.

Besides her collage art, she extended her artistic abilities by transforming stretch marks in a powerful art series she posted on her Instagram. The dentist-turned-artist added images of gold glitter, a blue galaxy, and shiny crystal to photos of actual stretch marks. The results? Simply beautiful!

She turned women into art, basically, and in a beautiful, empowering sense!

The series has received an incredible response from her followers. Sara took these “imperfections” and turned them into flawless art.

Her goal was to bring these “flaws” into the limelight. These included cellulite, stretch marks, and body empowerment. She will not stop there either.

“Stretch marks are something I relate to on a very personal basis,” Sara says. When she gained weight, she got these “stripes” and wanted to “fill them up with something pretty.” And she really did to the delight of her almost 200,000 followers. Check out her instagram to see more of her body positive work.

Here is another woman who also uses stretch marks among other things to create art.

Source: sarashakeel


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