These 13 Telltale Signs May Indicate A Thyroid Problem

Today a lot of people choose to neglect some of the supposedly unimportant signals that the body sends to us. Many people leave aside their health and push it to the limit until the first small problem becomes gradually bigger. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness and the neglect can only lead us to unnecessary and postponed suffering.

For instance, thyroid disorders. There are many people out there who have thyroid issues but they are not even aware of them.
Scroll down and in order to find out which signals and symptoms can be related to a thyroid problem, courtesy of Stylecraze.

1. Constantly feeling cold


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The weather is super warm and the other people around you feel just fine, but you experience shills and colds regardless. This may indicate that the thyroid is not functioning properly since the thyroid gland controls the hormones that regulate the body temperature.

2. Having menstrual irregularities

This is one of the most common signals for a thyroid issue since the hormones that are responsible for regulation your menstrual cycle, are dictated by the thyroid gland. You should see a doctor if your periods are constantly late or early.

3. Experiencing melancholy

Experiencing melancholy, feeling low and depression are linked with mental health, however, they might be an indicator of the improper functioning of the thyroid gland as well.

4. Poor memory


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If you often get confused or forget things it may indicate to an proper functioning of the thyroid gland since it can create problems related to memory. In some cases, it can even lead to dementia.

5. Irregular bowel syndrome

The lower thyroid activity can result in constipation whereas a hyperactive gland can cause frequent motions or even diarrhea.

6. Continuous perspiration


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Constant sweating even after a small physical activity can be a symptom of an overactive thyroid.

7. Hyperactivity

An overactive thyroid can also result in feeling you hyperactive and also can make you feel zealous. The abnormal function of the thyroid has been associated with ADHD in kids.

8. Sleeplessness


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The overactive thyroid can make the nervous system to be overstimulated, which results in insomnia or night sweating.

9. Weight issues

Hypothyroidism or under-active thyroid can cause lower metabolism and people who suffer from it usually experience weight gain and have issues losing it later.

10. Thinning hair


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Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism lead not only to thinning of the hair but also to hair loss.

11. Low sex drive

The improper function of the thyroid gland also affects the sex drive since the under-active thyroid indicates lower sex hormones releases. It affects both women and men.

12. Dry skin


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As previously mentioned, if the thyroid is under-active it results in lower metabolic activity. The dryness of the skin can be so intensive that it can even prevent sweating, which can lead to eczema and wrinkling.

13. Dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing

The malfunction of the thyroid can result in the thyroid gland to become enlarged in the area of the neck since the organ increases in size it restricts the proper functioning of the esophagus.

Source: Stylecraze