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Instagram Makeup Wizard Transforms Older Lady Into A Young Movie Star


Well, I thought I’ve seen it all on Instagram. After all, the social network is the mother of all crazy makeup and beauty inventions, ranging from fishtail browsright-angled eyebrowsglittering mineral hair all the way down to crazy Russian hairstylists chopping hair with axes.

Yes, really, all that happened! Sometimes I wonder if Instagram is actually one huge, global psychiatric ward.

But today we have a positive story for a change! Meet Teaflego, a makeup artist and beauty blogger hailing from beautiful Croatia in Europe. But what she does with “Glam Ma 81” (presumably her aging mother or grandmother!) is even more beautiful.

In a series of Instagram videos, @teaflego shows us how the magic of makeup can rejuvenate people and make them appear a lot younger.

Magic? How about some awesome makeup and beauty skills!

Wanna look like a Hollywood star ma? Here, let me help you!

The best part of all this is that the elderly woman really seems to be on board with it, and is actually enjoying it.

Kisses kisses kisses! The power of makeup is truly magical!

So what do you think? Can you make an older woman in your life happier with the power of makeup? Why not try! At least you’ll make someone’s day.

Source: Teaflego


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