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12 Things Others Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because Of Your High Functioning Anxiety


Experiencing that feeling of nervousness and worriedness is a normal part of everyday life. Everybody frets or feels anxious from time to time. Whether it’s a busy schedule or studying for exams, a little bit of anxiety can really help you focus your attention, energy and motivation to the task at hand.

But when that anxiety exceeds its normality, a lot of people don’t realize or understand the direct effects it can have on a person or even themselves. Many times people jump to conclusions and label anxious people as lazy, irresponsible and passive.

So for those who are not anxious people, or maybe just want more insight on how it can affect an individual, please read on to view the top things that people don’t know they’re doing because of their high functioning anxiety.

Decline Invites Despite Wanting to Go: You have received an invite to this big party and have been waiting to go for weeks now, but on the day of, your anxiety begins to take up your whole space. It can become so draining that it you feel as if you’re lacking the energy to go out.


You realize this is happening and you don’t want to be a burden where you are supposed to go – so you end up canceling everything and stay home.


Obsess Over Trivial Things: It could be a simple word that was used, or even someone glancing your way for a mere second that will have you rewinding that moment for days to come. The hard truth is that you obsess over everything that has happened a week ago or even a month ago.


You also obsess over people that do not respond to you. You texted someone and haven’t gotten a response back and it’s been 12 hours. You begin to wonder if they’ve seen the message or are just ignoring you.


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