Kris Jenner Is Concerned About Her Allegedly Pregnant Daughter’s Health

The 61-year-old reality star, Kris Jenner, is said to be very concerned about her youngest daughter’s health. The queen of the cosmetics empire, Kylie Jenner, is allegedly pregnant with her first child with rapper-boyfriend Travis Scott, 25. Yet, the 20-year-old who is said to be already five months pregnant, hasn’t officially confirmed her pregnancy. The rest of the Kardashian clan has also been silent too.

According to Cellebuz!, the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch is the cause for Kylie’s recent weight gain


“She’s not confirmed anything,” Kris Jenner told The Cut. “I think it’s kind of wild that everyone is just assuming that that’s just happening.”
In a similar manner, she told The Hollywood Reporter, “It wouldn’t be the family if something didn’t happen every single day,” but didn’t confirm nor deny rumors of her daughter’s pregnancy.

Furthermore, according to an US Weekly source, Kylie is “over the moon” about bringing a new member into her famous family


Additionally, new rumors surrounding her pregnancy have recently started to circulate. Supposedly, the-mother-of-six, wants her daughter to gain some weight before giving birth to her sixth grandchild.

As opposed to this, the famous reality star is said to be “horrified” about bloating up during her yet-to-be-announced pregnancy.


However, purportedly nothing would be able to stop the famous “momager” from taking extreme measures to ensure her future grandchild’s health, as well as her daughter’s.

“Kris has hired a chef, nutritionist and pregnancy coach for Kylie,” an insider told Radar Online. “She wants her daughter’s meals prepared and to make sure that Kylie gets the proper nutrition, as well as ample sleep and exercise as permitted.”

On the other hand, Kylie’s 33-year-old half-sister, Khloe Kardashian, is also said to be carrying the second child of Canadian basketball player Tristan Thompson, 26. Yet, the reality star also hasn’t officially confirmed the rumors.

On October the 9th, the sisters posted some sexy photos in large black coats on Kylie’s Snapchat story.

So, what’s under these dark clothes the two sisters are wearing?!


People on the internet presume they are deliberately hiding their baby bumps. On one photo, Kylie appeared as if she was intentionally covering Khloe’s stomach by lifting her hand in a perfectly positioned pose.

So, are these two beauties soon going to be baby-mamas? Do these photos serve as an indicator that they are ready to showcase their cheerful news to the world? Only time will tell.


16 Watercolor Effect Tattoos That Are Achingly Beautiful

A lot of people consider getting a tattoo at some point in their life. It’s just cool to have an ink drawing of something that’s close to you or that you like drawn somewhere on your body, permanently. So much to choose from: line, minimalist, elaborate, watercolor…

Of course, when you do eventually decide to get a tattoo, there’s always that one hardest part; picking a design.

Well, if plants and botanical designs are more your thing, allow us to give you some inspiration with these watercolor tattoos, mostly based around flora and fauna, that are really, seriously cool.

1. First up, this really cool purple, pink and blue unicorn tattoo

16 Watercolor Tattoos Seriously Cool

2. This gorgeous, soft, delicate rose that has achieved a really cool effect thanks to the different shades of pink

16 Watercolor Tattoos Seriously Cool 2

3. This geometric combo, that includes a fox on the right arm, and a swallow and rose on the other arm. It’s a cool combination, and the art style is well done too

16 Watercolor Tattoos Seriously Cool 3

4. Another rose, but here, the stem is placed on the length of the spine. Such a cool idea


5. A great placement idea and a fascinating design too


6. Thanks to the drops, rose and watercolor effect, this skull tattoo was made less harsh and more… artsy


7. This piece is stunning, and when you remember that it has been done by freehand, it’s even more incredible.


8. You may have noticed a floral pattern (literally) emerging with these watercolor tattoos, but to switch it up a bit, here’s a poppy


9. This is definitely one of the most eye-catching tattoos of the list. I love how the hints of black add contrast to the otherwise bright design.


10. Is there a better way to pay tribute to your favorite artist than to tattoo a portrait of them? I don’t think so


11. This is an example where I’ll just let the picture speak for itself. All I’m gonna say is, it’s incredible


12. I adore how these soft, pastel-colored flowers were continued to both arms. They definitely steal the show from the thin line wrist tattoo!


13. Now for something a little bit different, here’s a dark and fierce wolf design


14. A whimsical watercolor effect lotus


15. I’m totally in love with this watercolor baby whale tattoo. The deep blues and flowing design are eerily beautiful.


16. Such a cool ballerina design, and the tiny hearts placed throughout are so subtle but so cool



25 Pregnant Ladies Absolutely Rocking Halloween

If you are coming to your first Halloween as a pregnant woman, it shouldn’t mean you should leave all the fun to all those people who get to party for nine months without carrying a baby. In fact, this is a perfect chance to make up for all those times when you had to pass up on raw fish, jacuzzis, coffee or alcohol.

So instead of staying at home, get that belly rocking as part of a creative costume and be the life of any party at the end of this month. Here are twenty-five pregnant women who did exactly that, and their costumes provide plenty of inspiration for your own mask.

1. Absolutely guac-ing that avocado costume

2. It is never too early to start trick-or-treating

3. In her future is a baby, but gaze into her crystal ball and you may find out yours

4. Don’t let this cat string you along with her ball of yarn

5. Those who told her she couldn’t dress up for Halloween because she was pregnant are rueing the day

6. “I came in like a wrecking ball”

7. Perhaps this is a pumpkin best left uncarved?

8. Being pregnant is a great time to do couples’ Halloween costumes

9. A sweet gumball machine

10. A real slam dunk

11. Is this the best Halloween costume ever? “Ask again later”

12. Nailed the movie reference!

13. A Kool-Aid costume? Oh yeah!

14. An egg-cellent choice

15. Gotta catch ’em all!

16. Probably the only time that Aqua Teen Hunger Force and pregnancy will go together

17. A cheesy stuffed pizza costume

18. A couple that will definitely paint the town this Halloween

19. This costume is all the Things

20. A pregnant lady who will definitely be the life of the party

21. This baby bird will be hatching very soon

22. Proof that sometimes a pregnant woman can be a bit spooky

23. “Family under construction”

24. “Preggo” sauce

25. Let’s hope that beer is just a prop

Source: vt

20 Relatable Comics Depicting Women’s Hair Problems We’ve All Been Through

As most women will attest, hair means problems, even when realistically there is no issue at hand. We want the hair type that we don’t have, yet we’re afraid of changes and we spend huge amounts of money on maintenance, never really achieving the results we are going for.

To make us feel better about all this, Bored Panda compiled a gallery of relatable comics by various artists that you will always think back to with a chuckle whenever you find yourself in one of the situations portrayed again.

1. The eternal short hair dilemma

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: sarahandersencomics

2. Yikes!

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: cassandracalin

3. That hairy monster living under your tub

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: Becky Barnicoat

4. Sleek ponytail expectations and reality

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: cassandracalin

5. The greasy onion messy top knot

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: sarahandersencomics

6. How we really look like with wet hair

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: cassandracalin

7. Expectations vs Reality

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: cassandracalin

8. Unpleasant realizations

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: sarahandersencomics

9. Poorly timed honesty

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: sarahandersencomics

10. The ponytail solution

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: lorynbrantz

11. Body hair growth rates

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: sarahandersencomics

12. Your new haircut begging for attention

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: cassandracalin

13. Refusing to budge to reality

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: lisapopescu

14. A completely different bracket

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: Maritsa Patrinos

15. The half bun struggles

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: cassandracalin

16. Average adventures of an average girl

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: lallirrr

17. Sleeping rough

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: cassandracalin

18. Providing entertainment

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: cassandracalin

19. Time what is time

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: cassandracalin

20. Courtesy at the hairdressers’

Women’s Hair Problems That Men Will Not Understand

Source: Becky Barnicoat
From: boredpanda

A Former Teacher Creates Stunning Salvador Dalí-Inspired Faceless Makeup

Prepare to be blown away by the incredible makeup art of Mimi Choi inspired by the work of Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.

The Vancouver-based artist is a true master of manipulating visual perceptions and her newest project might just blow your head off


Often taking inspiration from the pioneer of surrealism, Choi’s latest Dalí-esque project involves incredible makeup work on human faces

The 31-year-old who used to work as a teacher claims none of her work is Photoshopped. Far from her first attempt at surrealist makeup, in previous projects, Choi has replaced half her head with a kiwi, melted her face and elongated her own tongue, as well as adding as many as 25 hyper-realistic eyes to a person’s body and painting a hand so it strikingly resembles a piece of sushi.

“I hope that my strange creatives can inspire people to think out of the box and create a style and trend that is unique to themselves,” the artist writes on her Instagram.

In the past, Choi has struggled with issues such as anxiety and sleep paralysys. Completely open about those experience, she now uses her skills as a makeup artist to express her emotions and hopes that she can inspire others to “follow their own path and unleash their creative inner selves”.

After quitting teaching three years ago, Choi is now a professional artist who does makeup for weddings and other events as well as a widely-followed social media phenomenon with more than 381,2k users subscribed to her Instagram account.

Source: unilad

Bridesmaid Jumpsuits Are the Greatest Thing to Happen to Weddings

Some brides dare not appear in anything but traditional ivory lace–nor have their maids in anything other than Easter egg chiffon. But what if that lace were in the form of a crop top? Or that chiffon as pants? Enter the new wave of envelope-pushing aisle style.


Boho is big right now–this we know. But ladies who commit to baring abs at the altar are evidently doing crunches months before the big day. A corset never looked so comfy. (However, there are other more modest options where not as much skin shows.)


It’s the rare fashionista who can pull off thigh-grazing white silk without looking like she’s wearing her honeymoon lingerie. How street-style MVP Olivia Palermo pulled it off? By showing only a tiny bit beneath her Carolina Herrera-designed ball skirt.


If rising fashion legend Solange Knowles wore it, it can’t be that wrong. And for the girl whose vibe is more Coachella than “Get Me to the Church on Time”? Behold the bridal romper.


If it’s just the top half of Solange’s enviable ensemble you’re after, look no further than reigning wedding queen Monique Lhuillier (she recently sent one down the runway) and new affordable favorite Reformation (which just debuted one).


Slow clap to any bride who gets on board with this idea.


Who cares about the dresses? Look at this 89-year-old bridesmaid!